Here’s a Good Enough Solution to the Way We Elect US Presidents

Jason Harrow @ The Hill August 22, 2018

Here is a common conundrum. You’ve been searching for flights to Florida for that dream family vacation. You want to go in about three months, and you find what you consider a very good deal on flights and hotel rooms. It’s not the best deal you’ve ever seen, but it fits within your budget and will make you and your family happy. As most of us realize, the rational thing to do is buy the flights and enjoy the trip. Don’t let your search for the absolute perfect deal leave you paralyzed and unable to ever buy tickets for a great vacation.

Most of us apply this “good enough” principle in our daily lives all the time, yet those who resist making any changes to the disastrous system we have for electing our president are ignoring it. But they should not let the search for a perfect way to elect our president get in the way of meaningful reform to our current, deeply flawed system.

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