Important Update on the Equal Votes project

Equal Citizens @ Medium Feb 5, 2018

Stay tuned, because we’re about to make a big announcement about our case(s). But meanwhile, we wanted to address an important concern that many have written about.

We believe — as anyone should — that a Presidential election should be decided under the same constitutional rules across the country. We intend to bring a challenge to “winner-take-all” in a number of jurisdictions simultaneously. If we prevail in one or more of those jurisdictions and the Supreme Court does not have time to decide the question before the next election, we are absolutely committed to asking the Court to stay the execution of any judgment on our behalf. We have always believed the Court would do that anyway, and we’ve always been certain that the state would ask the Court for a stay. But we want it to be absolutely clear that we will not try to create a different rule within any jurisdiction, whether that would benefit the Republicans or Democrats.


Lessig @ The Hill: Electoral College confusions

Electoral College Confusions Lessig @ The Hill October 31, 2018 Civil rights activists are challenging the legality of four states’ winner-take-all method of allocating U.S. presidential electoral college votes, claiming the practice magnifies some votes at the...

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