It’s Time to Change the Way We Elect Presidents

Daniel Brezenoff @ Medium Dec 18, 2017

One year ago today, we saw exactly why.

Today is the real anniversary of the election of Donald Trump. I know we all marked the dark day on November 7, but that was just the day the citizens of the 50 states voted for Electors — the only people who ever vote for president.

Although, oddly, they don’t really vote at all — not in the way we usually think of voting. Instead, they serve as glorified clerks for an antiquated system that has often served the nation badly and outrun its lifespan by a long time.

They did that on December 19 and then went back to their lives of anonymity. Only 7 exercised their Constitutional right to vote their conscience (like legislators, jurors, and voters at the polls). The rest stuck with tradition and partisan loyalty.


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Electoral College Confusions Lessig @ The Hill October 31, 2018 Civil rights activists are challenging the legality of four states’ winner-take-all method of allocating U.S. presidential electoral college votes, claiming the practice magnifies some votes at the...

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