Equal Votes Campaign Videos

Equal Votes: Let’s fix the way we elect our presidents

Does your vote for president really count? Lawrence Lessig explains.

A big announcement on the legal effort to challenge the Electoral College

One Last Update on Our Crowdfunding Goal

Equal Votes Q&A

The Electoral College is in the Constitution. Doesn’t that make it constitutional?

There’s no way you’d win this legal challenge, right?

Why should popular vote matter? We don’t have a democracy; we have a republic.

Isn’t the Electoral College set up to protect smaller states? Wouldn’t this plan undermine that protection?

What would a successful challenge to winner-take-all look like?

Is Electoral College reform a personal issue to you?

Doesn’t the Constitution give the states “plenary power” to allocate their electors whatever way they want?

Why is fixing the Electoral College an urgent issue?

Shouldn’t we work on abolishing the Electoral College instead?

Would states be able to allocate their Electoral College votes by congressional district if you win?

What would be the best arguments against this legal challenge?

Equal Votes Media Coverage

The Majority Report with Sam Seder: Lawrence Lessig on Why ‘Winner Take All’ Electoral College Votes Have To Go

Larry Lessig: What I Learned From My 2016 Presidential Campaign

A Constitutional Challenge To The Electoral College

Cenk Uygur (The Young Turks) interviews Lawrence Lessig, law professor and founder of Equal Citizens

The Lawsuit That Could Change the Electoral College w/Lawrence Lessig – MR Live – 10/5/17


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