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In a democracy, all votes should count equally. In our democracy, when voting for the president, they do not.
Because of the winner-take-all allocation of electoral votes, if you don’t vote for the candidate who wins your state, your vote counts for nothing. That violates the Constitution’s “one person, one vote” principle. We plan to challenge this system in the courts. Join this fight for citizen equality.

We’re building a movement of Americans who demand more fair and equal elections.
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What is Equal Votes?

Equal Votes is a crowdfunded legal challenge to the winner-take-all allocation of Electoral College votes. Winner-take-all is not in the Constitution. We believe the system violates our amended Constitution. The Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment guarantees that all of us, and all of our votes, must be treated equally under the law. Winner-take-all breaks that guarantee. Over 52 million votes were ignored in the 2016 election because of winner-take-all.

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Who’s behind Equal Votes?

People like you, who want our elections to be truly democratic and equal. Your donations will help Equal Votes, a project of Equal Citizens — a non-profit organization founded by Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig, bring the lawsuits that can change our unfair system in time for the 2020 election.

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How will the lawsuit work?

We are planning to file lawsuits in federal courts on behalf of real voters perpetually disenfranchised by the winner-take-all system. We have identified voters in two safe states who believe they have been denied representation in presidential elections for decades because of this system. The goal is to have the Supreme Court rule on winner-take-all in time for the 2020 presidential election.

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