Bush v. Gore Lawyer David Boies to Lead “Equal Votes” Lawsuit

Sep 27, 2017


Bush v. Gore Lawyer David Boies to Lead “Equal Votes” Lawsuits

~ Looking to change how Electoral College votes are awarded ~

BOSTON, MA – Equal Citizens today announced that David Boies, one of America’s most distinguished litigators, will be leading the legal case in its Equal Votes project to challenge the winner-take-all method states use to allocate their Electoral College votes.

“There is no better lawyer in the nation to lead this project project,” Equal Citizens founder Lawrence Lessig said. “David is perhaps the greatest litigator of our time, and certainly the perfect litigator to press our claim to this Court.”

Boies has argued some of the most important cases in the 20th and 21st century. He represented Vice President Al Gore in Bush v. Gore, and subsequently teamed with his opponent in that case, Theodore Olsen, to successfully overturn California’s Proposition 8 prohibiting marriage equality. His work defending the Justice Department in its antitrust suit against Microsoft won him praise for his acumen and legal strategies.

Equal Votes seeks to bring two lawsuits, on behalf of Democrats in a solid red state and Republicans in a solid blue state, claiming that the winner-take-all method of allocating Electoral College votes violates the 14th Amendment’s principle of “one person, one vote.” Winner-take-all ignores the votes of anyone who did not vote for the winner of the popular vote in a state, rendering those votes meaningless. The goal is to have a case heard by the Supreme Court in time for the 2020 presidential election.

Equal Citizens began a 30-day fundraising drive Thursday, September 14, to pay for the research and expenses associated with the lawsuits. Almost $100,000 was donated in the first 10 days of the campaign, and over 19 thousand people have signed up to join this fight.

Equal Citizens is a nonprofit founded by Professor Lawrence Lessig at Harvard Law School, trying to establish—finally— the core principle of any representative democracy: that citizens are equal, and that their votes should count equally. More information can be found at EqualCitizens.us.

~ Video Announcing David Boies ~


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